The Benefits of VitaminJuice ®

Healthy Blood Sugar Levels/Low Glycemic
No sugar added yet sweet. Only 2 grams of sugar per serving. All natural sweeteners. Diabetic consumers of VitaminJuice report increased energy levels.

Boosts Energy Without Caffeine
Our juice is a liquid form of high potency energy vitamins which allow for quick absorption, which helps produce instant energy.

Skin and Hair Care
Our 100% Vitamin E and 100% Biotin vitamins promote healthy skin, hair, and nails. Biotin has been proven to decelerate hair loss.

Fat Burning
Packed with fat metabolizing vitamins and amino acids.

Contains 100% daily supply of Vitamin C and E, anti-homo-cysteine B vitamins and Potassium.

Low Carb & Low Calorie
Only 2 grams of carbs and only 7 calories per serving.

Vitamin Supplement Drinks
For people who have difficulty in swallowing pills. Contains complete daily supply of 12 multiple vitamins.

Sport Nutrition
Sport activities require extra energy when the body needs it most.

diabetic friendly
100% antioxidants
diet support
kid friendly
no caffeine
body cleanse
low carb
low sugar
diabetic friendly